SHL smart heart

Smart heart

Client: SHL Telemedicine

A lightweight personal electrocardiogram product that allows heart monitoring in real-time using any smartphone
screen as the display unit. At its core, this is an elegant IOT telemedicine metrics product.

Wearable Heart Monitor

The Smart heart enables the wearer to perform a full hospital-grade ECG, 12-lead, using any smartphone. SHL Telemedicine is а leader in the field of home-based medical support systems. The data from the device is quickly analysed in a support center, and assistance is provided accordingly.

The challenge

The challenge was to design a device with both a professional and a reliable appearance. Our main goal was to achieve not the “medical device” look but that of an elegant state of the art electronic gadget.

The simple and clean design subtly hides the sophistication of its internal cutting edge mechanics and layout.

This unique product won the Israeli design award in 2015.