Dudi Ashkenazi

My name is Dudi Ashkenazi. I am a product design master, entrepreneur and mentor with over 20 years of experience and over 100 products crafted under hand. I am an active Co-Founder in various enterprises.

My expertise’s are blend of commercial and marketing thinking, with creative, design and mechanical skills.
Adding tons of practical insights, I work closely with my clients to achieve the highest level of conceptually and aesthetics products that are designed for commercial success.

DA Commercial Design

A boutique design house that focus on translating ideas and technologies into commercially success products.
We offer not only great design or mechanical engineering, we helps our clients to define a developing process, walk them through and provide them with “everything it takes” for a successful implementation process.

Our services include: Product research, Conceptualization, Design, Engineering, production and more. We have under our roof a net of experts to provide complementary services such as crowed funding, patent graphic design and more.


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